ASAE's 2023 MM&C Top Takeaways 


June 27, 2023

ASAE’s annual Marketing, Membership, and Communications conference brings together the best and brightest minds in the industry to discuss the latest innovations and strategies for driving growth and success for associations. This year, the conference covered a wide range of topics that are shaping the future of marketing, from AI strategies to Gen-Z targeting. Having attended this year’s event, we’ll highlight some of the key takeaways from the conference and explore how associations can leverage these insights to stay ahead of the curve. 

#1 Attract a younger audience  

One of the main themes of this year’s conference was how to attract a younger audience. The presence of a younger generation in associations is crucial for ensuring their longevity, effective leadership transition, fostering innovation, embracing diversity, maintaining relevance, and exerting influence in the industry. Through active engagement and inclusion of younger members, associations can secure their future and uphold their commitment to making valuable contributions to their industries or professions. 

With this shift, associations face the challenge of adapting their messaging and strategy to attract audiences like Gen-Z. In the past, associations were relied upon as primary sources of career education and information prior to the internet era. However, with the abundance of information available through today's sources, associations must identify and emphasize the unique value they can provide to this digitally-savvy generation. One key solution is to focus on addressing the specific needs of young professionals and those starting their careers, such as showcasing career opportunities, offering practical solutions, promoting certifications, fostering community engagement, and providing support. These younger generations often possess a clear vision of their goals and aspirations, but associations can play a vital role in assisting them in achieving those goals. 

#2 AI is here to stay  

AI remains a prominent and widely discussed topic in the business and association realm. The prevailing message from this year's discussions can be succinctly summarized: AI is an enduring presence. Consequently, associations must seek avenues to collaborate with AI rather than opposing it. Embracing new AI tools not only enhances the efficiency of associations by eliminating repetitive tasks for employees but also ensures their competitive advantage. It is important to recognize that AI will never fully replace humans; however, individuals who leverage AI may surpass those who do not. Curious about how you can incorporate AI? Here are 6 Ways Associations Can Benefit from AI.  

#3 Utilize non-obvious marketing  

While associations may not possess the marketing capabilities or budgets of larger advertising agencies, it doesn't mean they should overlook marketing or advertising altogether. This year's speakers emphasized the importance of identifying unconventional marketing opportunities to increase awareness for associations. These strategies included establishing a strong and consistent message and brand. A distinctive brand encompasses elements like color schemes, messaging, and personality. Attempting to appeal to a broad audience and being too generic can result in attracting no one at all. As an association, it is crucial to contemplate what sets you apart. It could be as simple as creating attention-grabbing headlines or sharing compelling content that sparks curiosity. The objective is to capture attention initially and provide more detailed information later. Those who are genuinely interested will stay engaged, but they must see value in the initial interaction. 



Attending MM&CCon is always an enriching experience for Multiview, providing incomparable networking opportunities and insights from industry leaders across the country. It’s extremely rewarding getting to be a part of a collaborative environment, working together to find solutions for associations to grow by learning and embracing changes in our industry.   


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