Associations Are Getting More Social in 2023


January 19, 2023

Let’s play a game.

What do these numbers have in common?

  • 2.5 hours daily.
  • 17.5 hours weekly.
  • 75 hours monthly.

It’s the average time spent by a user on social media in 2022, and comparatively the amount of time your association should engage with your industry.

As social platforms expand and activity continues to increase, your association needs to maintain its presence to remain relevant and effective. Here's a quick guide for you to keep your social media plan fresh and vibrant in 2023. 

Trends that are paving way in 2023

We’ve all seen the impact fake news has on social media and users around the globe, but it’s been taken a step further with AI-generated video content used to show individuals participating in activities that didn’t actually happen. As we look forward, users are going to look – and demand – more authenticity and integrity when it comes to your association and postings.

The pandemic made people realize that time is of the essence, and we all have an urgent need for what we’re looking for. Think about it. How many of us are accustomed to Amazon’s 2-day shipping, but when we order from another retailer and have to wait a week for the package get annoyed? The focus on urgency is there. This new challenge may allow your industry to want your products and services instantly, though we all know might not be possible.

Instead, association brands must focus on industry – member, non-member, supplier – experience. Social users are continuously growing more vocal on the platforms, and because the platforms allow you to accelerate response times, you’re in luck. Supplying support, data, information, and/or solutions as fast as possible will be key to their experience.

Platforms that are key for your brand

Every association is different when it comes your industry, which also means your audience is going to respond differently to specific social platforms. To truly succeed with getting more exposure to your brand, you’ll need to do an audit of your industry base. What are the trends in your demographics? Look at generational differences and gaps, as this can help you figure out the best platform to use. For example, Khoros’ Social Media Demographics Guide found the following stats based on age-bracket:


Types of content that will showcase your brand

Now that you’ve looked at your demographics and determined the best social platform to use, it’s time to determine what types of content to post. Video is currently a dominator in the social media space. In fact, HubSpot states that the usage of short-form videos will see the most growth in 2023.

This should be fairly simple for associations to take advantage of, as platforms have made it easier for users to create engaging short videos by adding editorial features. You no longer need to be a video-expert to grab someone’s attention.

Outside of video, you’ll want to make sure that:

  • Your content is optimized, as the image sizing changes depending on which platform you use.
    • When it comes to graphics, pay attention to what trends are making the most impact online. For example, carousels are more effective than a singular graphic.
  • Content should be short and enticing.
    • If you have a blog or article to share, implement a link that will guide your audience to the full post. When posting about it, though, pose a question to the audience. 
  • You talk with your audience and not at them.
    • It’s vital to make a personal connection with your industry, so your ability to create this connection can make the difference between a positive and negative experience.
  • Cross-promote content for your industry.
    • Think about teaming up with a supplier or organization within the same space. If you have the same goals and mission, all organizations in cross-promotion can gain visibility with the others viewers – ultimately introducing your brand to a wider-audience.
  • You’re actually social and that you have a consistent, authentic voice.
    • Users don’t use social platforms for a one-way experience. They’re looking to seek connections with people and brands.

Time is of the essence for posting

You’d be surprised to know that there are certain days and times that get better engagement on social media. That said, it’s apparent to pay attention to the data and insights on your postings, as times may vary based on your industry, audience, and time zone. As a general rule of thumb, here are times that seem to work best based on platform:

  • Facebook: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays around 10:00 AM
  • Instagram: Wednesdays around 11:00 AM
  • Twitter: Mondays and Thursdays around 8:00 AM
  • LinkedIn: Tuesdays and Wednesdays around 9:00 AM

No matter where you’re at in your social media journey, know that engagement is crucial for associations. Just remember that your engagement on platforms can always improve, and there isn’t a maximum engagement level that you have – or need – to reach. The more engaged your audience is, the more your brand will stand out.

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