Building a Better Presence with Elevated Retargeting



October 20, 2022

Has your association succeeded with member acquisition and conference attendance this year? Could it be better? Think you’ve tried all the marketing tips and tricks to get your name out there to prospective members and vendors?

We’ve seen associations that are doing all the right things when it comes to marketing, but what if we told you there was another avenue. Any guesses as to what that could be?

It’s an effective marketing strategy that will not only showcase your brand, but also help your association in the goals and initiatives you have for the coming years. It’s called Multiview Premier Audience (MPA).

MPA elevates retargeting by allowing your association to go beyond website retargeting and using any distribution list you have. That means, you can showcase your brand on third-party websites directly to those same individuals on your distribution lists. Let’s say you want to do a membership campaign for renewals. If only 30% of members visit your website, the MPA solution can capture the balance of members from your distribution lists. You can’t lose!

The great news about MPA is that you already know that the individuals on the distribution list are interested in what your association has to say and promote. It’s the reason they subscribed in the first place. Now, you can navigate some of the reasons why they clicked on certain items within the newsletter and use that for your outreach. Keep in mind, though, that your newsletter has already given them the basic information they needed about a promotion, so your MPA promotions need to get a little more creative with some of these aspects:

Direct – MPA allows you to get direct, but indirect in the sense that it isn't another email, post, or form of direct outreach. You’re able to target specifically by segment of your list(s). Let’s say you want to only target the ones on the list that haven’t registered for the annual conference. Perfect, as long as you have the data, it can be done. Want to target all members on the East Coast? Even better.

Urgency – Research has proven that people will make purchase decisions if they feel time is of the essence. Think about how your purchase path changes when the shoes you’re looking at online say “only 2 pairs remaining.” You’re far more likely to follow through with the purchase now, fearing that if you wait too long, you’ll miss out. If your audience is aware that space is limited, they will be more inclined to commit earlier.

Incentives – Many events and membership offerings include discounts for early commitment. You can ramp up the urgency by promoting incentives that will expire soon, such as early-bird pricing or discounted room rates. You could also offer incentives to register through the retargeting campaign itself, such as “Click here to save 10% on registration.” Prospects who declined to register initially had a reason for their decision, and incentives might be enough to change their mind.

Video – One of the most effective tools in the retargeting arsenal is video. You can learn more specifically about video retargeting here, but the impact of video is undeniable. What’s better than a display ad promoting your keynote speaker? A video of the speaker herself. What better way to show the size of your trade show and exhibition opportunities than video footage of the massive layout. Studies have shown how much people rely on reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations, so think of the impact a video testimonial could provide.

Retargeting is a popular tactic in digital marketing because it’s effective. The audience has already taken the bait, you just need to hook them with a creative and tactful retargeting campaign that resolves their hesitancy to sign up for whatever is being promoted.

Intrigued on what Multiview Premier Audience could do for your association? Contact the Partner Strategy Team to learn more about MPA.

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