Let the Madness Begin: Elevating Associations to New Heights 


March 14, 2024

March Madness is back in full swing, with Selection Sunday set for March 17th! This thrilling wave of competition, passion, and brand recognition presents a golden opportunity for associations to join in and reap the rewards. Yes, that's right! Your association can dive into the excitement surrounding March Madness without needing any basketball knowledge. All you need is a love for connections, brand visibility, and friendly competition.

For those unfamiliar with March Madness, it's a month-long frenzy that takes over the world of college basketball. It's a single-elimination tournament featuring 68 teams that compete for the chance to earn the title of National Champion.

But it's not just about basketball. The excitement and fervor surrounding this national competition go beyond the sports world, making it an ideal opportunity for organizations to leverage its benefits.
By tapping into the excitement surrounding the tournament, associations can not only enhance memberships but also elevate their brand presence to new heights. Get ready to embrace the madness and discover how your association can win big!

Capitalize on the passion

March Madness has evolved into a cultural phenomenon that permeates conversations, watercooler discussions, and office bracket pools. By incorporating March Madness themes and references into their communications, associations can tap into the collective excitement and fuel engagement with their members. The key is to make sure your messaging is relevant and timely. For example, if you’re a trade association for manufacturers, send out a press release highlighting the economic impact of March Madness on local economies.

Associations can also leverage the popularity of March Madness to create a sense of urgency and excitement around their events. For example, you might host a “March Madness”-themed conference or webinar series that coincides with the tournament. This will not only help attract more attendees, but it will also give an opportunity to highlight expertise in a fun and engaging way.

Engage members through bracket challenges

What better way to involve your members than by organizing a bracket challenge? As one of the most iconic aspects of March Madness, encouraging members to submit their predictions for the tournament and create some friendly competition. Not only will this engage members and spark conversations, but it will also keep them coming back for updates on standings and results. This interactive activity will strengthen member engagement and build excitement around the association.

Host networking events

March Madness is not just about basketball; it's a social phenomenon that brings people together. Leverage this opportunity by hosting networking events focused on the tournament. Invite members, industry professionals, and sponsors to join in the excitement, watch games together, and create valuable connections. These events provide a casual and fun environment that can facilitate meaningful interactions and collaborations within the association's community.

Create sponsored content

Associations can take advantage of the heightened interest in March Madness by creating sponsored content tied to the tournament. Collaborate with industry partners and sponsors to develop articles, webinars, podcasts, or videos that highlight their expertise and incorporate March Madness themes. This cross-promotion not only benefits your sponsors but also adds value to your association's content by providing fresh and relevant perspectives for your members.

Leverage social media channels

Capitalize on the March Madness buzz by leveraging social media platforms to share updates, game highlights, and behind-the-scenes content. Encourage members to join the conversation by using association-specific hashtags, hosting live discussions, and running polls related to the tournament. By actively participating in the social media frenzy, your association can attract new followers and improve brand recognition.



Adopting the energy surrounding March Madness will not only help associations differentiate themselves but also cultivate a sense of unity, shared experiences, and industry-wide relationships among members. Gear up to make a winning play by embracing the Madness and propelling your association to new heights!

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