Giving Back to the Community Through Events


March 16, 2023

As a leader in your association, you understand the importance of giving back and making an impact on the community. It’s something that’s also gaining steam through association events, as it provides a great platform to reach out to members of the community while also creating an opportunity for your members and prospects to connect with each other. 

Take AWHONN, for example. The association hosts a 5k each year as part of their Every Women, Every Baby initiative where 100% of the funds generated from the event goes into other projects instead of the association. They’re using it to support members, education, research, scholarships, and more. 

“We’re amplifying the industry that we serve," Jonathan Webb, MPH, MBA, CEO of AWHONN said. "Nurses are always on the front lines and have been for quite some time. However, now more than ever we rely on them to be there to meet the needs of their patients and families. As an organization, we are doing our best to support them and the partners or organizations that are important to them. In addition to their traditional work shift commitments, we want to invest in additional areas they’re passionate about. One of the things that gives them life is to do more for others. AWHONN can support that.”

There are so many ways that associations can use events to give back to the local communities and or specific industry. It doesn’t have to be anything large, either. Consider starting small with one of the following options and see where it leads you.

Hosting fundraisers: One great way to use events for a good cause is by hosting fundraisers or donating a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales to charities or local organizations. This can be set up as either a one-time event or an ongoing partnership between your association and the charity of your choice. Not only does this show support for important causes, but it also garners goodwill within the community and gets people talking about your association.

Volunteering at local events: Another way that you can use events to give back is by having members volunteer their skills and services at local events in need of help. This could be anything from providing tech support at a music festival, helping with setup/tear down during a food drive, or helping with logistics during an art show — whatever works best for both parties! Volunteering opportunities are often posted online or advertised in newspapers and magazines, so make sure you keep an eye out for any chances to lend a hand!

Partnering with non-profits: Finally, partnering with non-profits to host events together is another great way that you can contribute positively towards the community. This could be anything from sponsoring free seminars that teach valuable skills such as coding or financial literacy, donating supplies for low-income schools or shelters, or even offering discounted tickets for people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend due to financial constraints. The possibilities are endless!

From hosting fundraisers and volunteering at local events, all the way through partnering with non-profits – there are plenty of ways that associations can use their events as platforms to have a positive effect on the world around them! That said, having your association give back to the community isn’t something that will happen overnight. It takes time and energy to really determine what aligns best with your association and its mission, so get together with the team and begin determining how you can start small and make an impact! 

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As a leader in your association, you understand the importance of giving back and making an impact on the community. It’s something that’s also...


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