How Supplier Case Studies Can Elevate Your Association 

How Supplier Case Studies Can Elevate Your Association

August 30, 2023

Associations are integral to the success of the industries they serve. The ability to form a strong, cohesive voice is critical in today's marketplace. And with an increase in competition, it has never been more important for associations to stand out from their peers. While there are many tactics available to help organizations achieve this goal, one that should not be overlooked is writing supplier case studies. 

What is a supplier case study? 

A supplier case study is a piece of long-form written content that covers a supplier’s relationship with an association and highlights the success that’s been achieved through working together. It's not a sales pitch or a press release, and it's not even (really) a customer testimonial. It’s meant to showcase that your association has the same goals and values as your partners and that you're working together to solve problems and be successful, making you more relatable. Supplier case studies are a great way to: 

  • Help keep existing suppliers happy. If a supplier is already providing goods or services for your association, it's important to show them how much you appreciate their work by writing about it in a positive light. This will help maintain a mutually beneficial relationship, encouraging loyalty.  
  • Give suppliers fresh and exciting content to use for marketing purposes. In our experience, industry professionals love reading these types of articles because they're informative and interesting. Suppliers can use these case studies to promote themselves and get prospective and current clients excited about their involvement in a supportive culture.  
  • Attract new suppliers. Advertising your support and appreciation for current suppliers can attract new suppliers who are drawn to learn more about your organization and how they can get involved, as well as reap their own benefits from a relationship with you.  
  • Showcase the value of partnerships. When suppliers see how their products or services benefit members of an organization like yours, they're more likely to want to partner with that organization – and may even be willing to pay more for the privilege depending on how big of an impact they could make.  

The key to writing a successful case study is to focus on the impact the supplier has had on your members— and how your organization continues to work with them. It will also help potential suppliers see themselves in that same kind of partnership with you and then take action!  

Can supplier case studies help my membership?

We previously discussed the importance of channeling your suppliers into thought leaders. Using success stories from these instances could definitely help your membership. Supplier case studies allow you to speak directly to the people who matter most -- your members -- and you can ensure that your members always have access to the latest industry insights.  

These case studies can also help you share positive experiences with your members, which will not only encourage them to continue using these vendors, but also help you recruit new ones by showing how their membership is helping them grow their business, and thus, increase revenue. With the right story, you can demonstrate the value of your partnership with a supplier and attract new members who are looking for ways to grow their business. 



Supplier case studies are powerful marketing tools, but they're also an essential part of doing business with suppliers and engaging association members, as well as members of the community. Associations need to be able to showcase that their relationship with a supplier has been mutually beneficial and how others can gain support through your organization  



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