Multiview's Canadian Team Gives Thanks by Giving Back


November 6, 2017

Most Americans spend November reflecting on all the blessings in their life, and showing thanks for the many things for which they are grateful. In that spirit, and in an effort to show our thanks to the communities we work in, we thought we’d share the highlights of the recent charitable efforts of our team in Canada. Yes, we know Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in October, but that doesn’t mean they don’t share in the spirit of the American holiday season.

The Multiview Canada team recently worked with Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto, a distribution hub that provides food and support to almost 200 food programs across Toronto, by donating over 260 pounds of food and actually helping sort over 1,000 pounds.

Find out what our team members had to say about their food bank experience:

“Hearing about the different types of families that use the food bank, and how Daily Bread is trying to provide healthier options by incorporating perishable foods into the food bank was quite moving. My family used a food bank once when I was small, when we were going through hard times. It reminded me of how grateful we were with all the food we were able to have when our cupboards were bare.” – Ruth Osten, Sales Training Manager

“I definitely appreciated this kind of opportunity, and would love to do something similar again! Learning how many people in the GTA depend on food banks, and how many people volunteer regularly to keep these services functioning was really eye opening. It felt great to give back, and it was a nice change of pace from the everyday office vibe.” – Oliver Kirby, Senior Editor

“I felt what was most moving about my experience volunteering was the vast amount of people and food banks that this one distribution center we visited is able to help on a daily basis. It was also amazing to me how well organized and expansive this center is. Something else that struck me was how rare it was for them to see fresh produce in the facility. Having access to fresh produce is certainly something we take for granted.”  Corey Silver, Campaign Success Representative

“This experience definitely made me appreciate the simple things I often overlook. I mean, I never really thought about how a 99-cent can of beans can be as precious as winning the lotto to someone. That really made me realize how lucky I am to be able to afford the essentials.” – Harry Sembrano, Senior Marketing Consultant

“I think it’s important that companies encourage VTO (volunteer time off), to show a genuine interest in the community they serve. It’s a meaningful form of bonding for the office, and helping people is a cause most everyone can support.” – Nicci Li, Senior Marketing Consultant


“I think it is easy to get caught up in our day-to-day lives. We all have routines that revolve around our work, household needs, family and friends. To take a step out of that routine and be put in a situation where you truly see how many people in this city face food insecurity is sobering. I think as I sorted the baby food it hit me the most. I was also impressed that the Food Bank’s research towards child hunger actually helped influence policy that re-shaped tax benefits for families with young children – leading to a direct decrease in the number of children using food bank services.” – Noelle Pittock, Director of Product Development/Operations, Canada



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