Set It and Forget It: The Ease of Automated Email Campaigns  


April 27, 2023

Email marketing is one of the most effective communication channels but is your association leveraging it to its full potential? If you're building every email from scratch and sending them out individually, then you're working too hard. It's time to automate.

So, what is an automated email campaign?

It's a series of messages that are sent based on predefined rules and whether an individual takes a specific action or not. For instance, when a member registers for an event, you can preprogram a thank you email followed by sequential messages that provide travel details, speaker information, and the schedule of events. Likewise, if someone hasn't renewed their membership, you can automatically send a reminder email on a specific date so they can still receive discounts.

If you’re a pro and already doing this for your association, then no problem. However, if you’re new to the game then know that there are many benefits to using automated email campaigns that can help your organization grow including:

  1. They help save staff time: Traditionally, we’ve seen associations relying on sending out membership emails through manual processes. This can be time-consuming and expensive. Automated emails can help you save time by only requiring one person to manage the campaign instead of many people who would otherwise manage creating each individual email. Automated emails also reduce costs because they're cheaper than other forms of communication like print advertising and direct mail.
  2. They are easy to set up: You can create an automated campaign in minutes by adding it as a new campaign on your membership management platform, then adding subscribers and setting up templates for the emails that will be sent out automatically.
  3. You can set it and forget it: Automated campaigns can be sent at any time, so they don't require constant attention from staff members who are already busy with other things like managing member communications or running other programs within the organization (like fundraising). Like a crockpot, you can prepare them ahead of time, set it to send out (or cook), and reap the delicious final product at the end.
  4. They help build relationships with members: Automated emails allow you to stay in touch with members who may not attend meetings regularly or take part in other traditional ways that require them to take action (like sign up for conference events). This helps strengthen the relationship between you and your members by deepening their connection with your organization beyond just attending meetings or volunteering at events. You'll also be able to learn more about what issues are important to them by tracking which topics they click on links within the emails themselves!

Automated email campaigns are one of the most underutilized tools in modern marketing strategies because they're often seen as impersonal and pushy. But when used correctly, they can be powerful tools for your organization:

  • They can get people to sign up for your email list: This is the most obvious use of an automated email campaign — getting people onto your list so that you can send them updates and special offers. You can also use this method to get people to subscribe to other platforms like Facebook or Twitter as well as signing up for a webinar or other online event.
  • They can help sell products or services: You can sell products or services through an automated email campaign by sending out links for specific products or services that are relevant to the member/prospect's interests or needs. This type of campaign works best when combined with another method that informs people about what's available, such as social media posts or blog content.
  • They can collect feedback from members/prospects: An automated email campaign is a great way to collect feedback from your industry because it gives them a convenient way to share their thoughts on how well your association is following their mission and value, what improvements need to be made, etc., without having to pick up the phone.
  • They can help in getting more registrants for upcoming events: Members will receive an email reminder about when and where an event is happening, along with any other details they need to know. This can be especially useful if there is limited seating or tickets are needed in advance.
  • They can make membership payments easy: This type of campaign can help keep your organization's membership up-to-date by reminding them when their dues are due or when they need to renew their membership with the organization in order to continue receiving benefits from it; this helps ensure that everyone stays informed while also saving time on both sides!

We know that there are many challenges involved in running an association or nonprofit, but we also know that there are solutions that will make things easier for you and your team. Automated email campaigns are a great way to reach out to your members, build community, and help your organization grow – without extra effort on your part!

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