What the Stagwell Merger Means for Associations


August 19, 2021

Andy Keith

Andy Keith Chief Executive Officer

When I stepped into the role of CEO back in August 2019, I made the commitment to take a customer-centric approach to drive future growth. Through bold decisions made inside and outside the company, Multiview has positioned ourselves to deliver better outcomes in terms of revenue, connections and membership to advance the mission of our partners.

The recent combination of Stagwell Marketing Group Holdings LLC and MDC Partners Inc. as a top 10 global marketing services company is transforming marketing. Multiview is proud to be one of the dozens of companies within Stagwell's impressive portfolio of world-class omnichannel media, analytics, technology, and creative consulting expertise.

But what does this mean for associations?

It means advanced technologies and platforms to lead your industry and move the marketplace forward.

It means new channels of communication to connect with members and inform them about the full suite of services and collective products your organization offers that could benefit them.

It means premium 1st party data and information to make deeper insights about member preferences and engagement to better serve them.

It means longevity and financial stability as association leaders are empowered to make better decisions for their organization.

Simply stated, the future is bright at Multiview.

Through the Stagwell Media Network, which consists of 2,500 experts in 20+ offices across 15 countries, Multiview is expanding our share of media to allow us to be more competitive. More media means more opportunities for advertisers to buy into association publications and websites, which results in more non-dues revenue associations can use to invest back into their organizations. No other company is able to achieve this kind of scale. We're revolutionizing the association space and there's no limit to what we can provide in the future. 

So, whether you're a current partner or just getting to know Multiview, I invite you to come and experience Multiview Reimagined.

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