NBAA retargets off its website to benefit members and suppliers

The association also benefits with an additional stream of non-dues revenue.


The Challenge

NBAA annually hosts three large trade shows, as well as multiple conferences where members and vendors can meet, network and investigate new products and services, but the organization wanted to find a way to continue building those relationships throughout year instead of a only few days at a time. Additionally, like most associations, NBAA seeks non-dues revenue opportunities to help offset costs of membership.

The Solution

The organization reached out to Multiview about its Association Site Retargeting program, in which visitors to the NBAA website can be served targeted advertising across the internet. Multiview implements and sells the advertising, providing a portion of revenue back to the association. It was an opportunity for NBAA to earn non-dues revenue while putting industry service providers in front of their engaged audience.

"As a traditional trade association, we support the entire industry. For our operators to succeed, the service providers also need to succeed. For businesses and the industry to succeed, they all need to be able to connect and network and find sales needs. That’s really what Multiview brings to the table."

- Patrick Haller, CAE, Senior Director, Membership and Member Services

The Results

The retargeting program was an instant success, generating demand that even exceeded the available supply of impressions. “The biggest metric to me is the amount business that has renewed,” Haller explained. “People vote with their pocketbooks, and it doesn’t appear that we’re losing sales. People want to be involved in the program. It doesn’t just benefit NBAA or it doesn’t just benefit Multiview. It has to benefit the members, and this product allows members to market themselves with a relatively low entry cost while they get a level of marketing professionalism they would pay a lot more for if they were doing it internally.” Across all advertisers, the retargeting campaigns are averaging a .13% click-through rate.

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