A Day in the Life of a Multiviewer


February 10, 2020

One of the top questions potential employees ask is, “what is a typical day like at [company name]?”

Here at Multiview, we want candidates to be prepared and know what to expect so they can make the best decision for their career. This article offers an inside view of what it means to be a Multiview sales consultant, shared from the perspective of current team members.

“We work as a team and win as a team.” – Indy Kalsi | Vice President, Sales

To start the workday, teams huddle up for a quick touch base, setting the tone for the day. In the office, this resembles something like a rally – people gathered together, amped up and motivated about accomplishing their goals. During this time, a competition or incentive may be announced, adding to the energy and excitement. With remote work, team engagement and comradery look a bit different, but it’s still a fun and fast-paced environment as if everyone was in person.

Collaboration across the company is highly encouraged at Multiview. The depth of knowledge and breadth of experience we've accumulated as an organization is noteworthy. Everyone, no matter their position, has room to improve and should be open to learning and adapting new ideas from peers. Multiview also provides ongoing training from our sales managers, industry veterans, and the leadership team. This ensures our teams stay informed about what’s happening in the digital marketplace so they can provide our clients the most meaningful solutions. This is also a time to sharpen their skills and master their craft.

“Each person is a vital piece to the puzzle.” – Chelsey Jenkins | Senior Director, Sales

Multiview prides itself on attracting exceptionally talented individuals who are driven to add value and achieve more. We hold ourselves to high standards, meaning we believe each team member shoulders personal responsibility to contribute to the company not just in revenue but the energy and expertise they bring to the environment.

As a sales consultant, you must take ownership over your performance. Multiview supplies the resources, tools and support necessary to succeed, but it's up to you to use them. Once on the sales floor, reps are free to work independently as they prospect leads, research various industries, build a pipeline, schedule sales calls, pitch products, follow up, and ultimately manage a book of business. Being disciplined to do the little things right every single day, compounds overtime.

“My input = my paychecks.” – Trevor Whyte | Senior Director, Sales

While everyone wants the ability to increase their income, not everyone is willing to do what it takes. The phrase, “You get out what you put in,” couldn’t be more true than in sales. Success is determined by the amount of effort exerted, which only you can control. A consistent work ethic, positive attitude and determination to push through the tough days will take you far at Multiview. Individuals are rewarded for working hard and achieving sales goals and have the opportunity to earn even more on top of our competitive compensation plan with additional incentives.

Our teams tend to be more motivated when they’re making more money. We like to use fun as a motivator. As mentioned before, competitions are commonplace at Multiview. It’s like intramurals in the office. Teams get really into it and love putting forth extra effort to beat their colleagues. Another fun practice are “Spiffs”. This is extra money reps can receive if they close a sale within a specified timeframe. These can be announced any day at any time, so sales reps are always on the lookout.

If you enjoy a fast-paced, high energy work environment and are you’re looking for a career that is team-oriented, fosters personal development, and positively affects your bank account, apply to work at Multiview today.

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