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February 17, 2020

Before you decide to apply for a position at Multiview (or any company for that matter), you want to make sure it’s a good fit. This goes beyond the job title, qualifications and income opportunity; you want to know what kind of people you’ll be working with, is this a place you can advance your career, and will you be proud to represent the brand? 

Too often, companies talk up their culture and make big claims about what it’s like to work there but then don’t back it up with action. At Multiview, we want to be transparent about what you can expect so you can make the best decision for your future.

Collaboration across the company is highly encouraged at Multiview. The depth of knowledge and breadth of experience we've accumulated as an organization is noteworthy. Everyone, no matter their position, has room to improve and should be open to learning and adapting new ideas from peers. Multiview also provides ongoing training from our sales managers, industry veterans, and the leadership team. This ensures our teams stay informed about what’s happening in the digital marketplace so they can provide our clients the most meaningful solutions. This is also a time to sharpen their skills and master their craft.

Who is Multiview?

To best understand who we are and what we stand for, you need to know the values we live by and base our decisions.

Multiview’s Core Values:

  • Employees are more important than any client or partners
  • A culture of inclusion and diversity are paramount to our success and ability to achieve a global perspective
  • A requirement of continued employment at Multiview requires a personal investment in the professional growth of every employee, this is a fundamental expectation of our clients and association partners
  • Every employee is empowered to share their perspective without fear of judgement from peers
  • A fundamental right of all employees is that they are provided a safe workplace environment, free of all forms of violence
  • Educating our workforce through greater corporate transparency
How does Multiview put employees first?

We believe when we prioritize the well-being of our team members, they will be happier, healthier, and more productive. This results in greater levels of satisfaction and achievement both personally and professionally. For us, work-life balance means excelling in all areas of life, not just at the office.

Operationally, employee well-being is fundamental to how we conduct business. For instance, Multiview starts and ends early so employees can avoid rush-hour traffic (protecting their safety and sanity) and get home sooner to spend more time with their families. Now, working from home provides even more flexibility and has proven to be advantageous. Many reps experienced a record-breaking year despite the global pandemic. Employees also enjoy generous amounts of paid time off – some scheduled and some spontaneous. Imagine leaving early for a long weekend to go on a trip or take a summer afternoon to do a fun activity with family or friends. Throw in a casual dress code and occasional free breakfasts or lunches, Multiview takes care of our employees and shows them they are valued.

How does Multiview practice inclusion and diversity?

To start, we don’t shy away from the conversation. Our executive team is outspoken about standards of conduct everyone is to uphold and has taken active measures to address and remove inequality or favoritism within the workplace. They work closely with our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee to ensure all employees are seen, heard and valued and have the same opportunity to succeed no matter their race, gender or background.

In any sales-driven company, competition is a natural part of the culture. While this could cause discord in the workplace, it seems to foster a spirit of unity and encouragement. Whenever one team member succeeds, peers are quick to congratulate him/her. In the office, the sales floor buzzes with excitement after a sale closes, accompanied by celebratory music and cheers. At Multiview, competition is a way to build comradery and a passion for what we do.

What does Multiview do to help its employees grow professionally?

Our people are our greatest asset. If we don’t invest in their future developmentwe’re doing them a disservice. Furthermore, we’re failing our clients who trust uto be the experts and deserve to work with highly competent and knowledgeable professionals. 

One of the main ways Multiview sets our people up for success is by offering comprehensive, on-the-job training. This 8-week program is designed to equip new team members with extensive product and industry knowledge as well as the skillset to effectively make sales proposals and close deals. This is the foundation to building career momentum. 

Mastering the intricacies of inside sales in a thriving digital media space is an ongoing process and requires continued education. We believe no matter how far one advances in their career there is always room to improve. Whether through our mentorship program, pursuing further certifications, or receiving leadership training with a professional life coachMultiview is committed to helping our people do better, be better, and accomplish more than they thought possible.

How are employees empowered to share their perspective at Multiview?

Many leadership teams operate under a top-down approach where upper-level management calls the shots and filters decisions down tthe rest of the company. While Multiview is led by a group of highly competent and exceptionally talented men and women, they believe in a bottom-up approach. This opens the lines of communication and allows for full transparency. 

We’ll discuss this further, as this ties in with Core Value #6: “Educating our workforce through great corporate transparency.” 

What protocols has Multiview established to keep its employees safe?

In times when health and safety are paramount, Multiview has protected our employees by keeping them out of harm's way. At the onset of the pandemic, the company mobilized quickly and got all 420 employees set up with necessary equipment and remote access within one week. We have continued to work from home, only allowing essential staff to come on-site in compliance with CDC guidelines and safety protocols. While we look forward to returning to the office with our friends and colleagues, safety remains the utmost priority.

How does Multiview practice corporate transparency?

As mentioned before, our executive team leads from the bottom-up. They have made a conscious decision to be more accessible, communicate more frequently and share more information when possible. One example of this is a company-wide conference call every month where the leadership team addresses issues and answers questions from employees live and unfiltered. This has led to open discussions about emerging technologies, corporate initiatives, new product releases, and more.

Additionally, the company receives regular communications from the CEO of our parent company, Stagwell Group, giving us a 360-perspective of what’s happening throughout all brands.

Multiview is a fast-growing company with endless opportunities to advance. If you’re looking for a place that is professionally stimulating, family-oriented, and has an overall fun approach to work, apply to work at Multiview today.

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