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Just over four years ago, I stepped onto the elevator in the lobby of MultiView’s Toronto building. I remember like it was yesterday. When the doors opened up on the eighth floor, before I even reached reception, the first thing that hit me was the music.

Louis Prima’s “Jump Jive and Wail” was pumping through speakers in the hallway on full blast. As a former band nerd/trumpet player, the punchy jazz vibe immediately made me feel at home – something that helped settle my nerves right before my job interview. It also made me curious.

What kind of a place was this? Whose idea was this? How can a company play music so loudly in an elevator lobby? Something told me that this place was different. That if hired, I would love working here. Several years later the feeling hasn’t changed – and it’s all because of MultiView’s dynamic, exciting corporate culture.

In our department, when we’re story sourcing for our business administration briefs, we read about corporate culture all of the time. About what companies can do to not just attract, but also retain their staff, by creating a working environment that sets them apart from the competition. But, what if your corporate culture is directly tied to the ethos of your brand? At MultiView, our culture is modeled upon the value that inspires all of our digital marketing efforts – creativity. While we may be situated in a traditional office building, our workplace is anything but.

We’re known for cooking up pancake breakfasts on a random Wednesday morning, renting dunk tanks to soak senior management for fun, trivia competitions where your team can win lunch, intramural sports teams with amazing customized jerseys, food trucks on-site for lunch, mascot visits and random magic shows. Oh, and did I mention the office DJ – spinning great tunes to keep everyone excited?

At the heart of it all, we’re a group that loves fun and embraces being different. We work hard for all of our partners to help them accomplish their marketing goals, and we also have a great time at the office doing so. Our objectives are serious, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Working here is unlike anything else I have experienced in my professional career, and it’s one of the main reasons I enjoy coming in to work every day. There is always something new and exciting happening, and no day is ever the same.

But aside from things like surprise breakfasts and impromptu Phil Collins sing-a-longs, the greatest aspect of working here is the diverse group of people that are brought together under one roof. Some of the smartest and most talented people can be found in all of our departments. Many have brought a wealth of industry experience in marketing, online advertising, consultative sales, digital media, graphic design and journalism. We also focus extensively on post-secondary recruiting efforts and pride ourselves on being a company that encourages people to launch their marketing careers with us. Most importantly, what allows all of these individuals to thrive at MultiView (as they’ve said in other MultiView reviews) is the fact that we both encourage and celebrate talent.

Our Vice-President of Canadian Operations Frank Humada breaks it down as follows:

“We understand that our employees work hard, and spend the majority of their day in our office, so we have created an environment that we feel they enjoy coming to. Whether it is the laid back dress code, the upbeat music being played around the entire office, or offices that we have converted to a gym and a game room, we want our employees to have fun while they are working hard for MultiView. I have been to other floors in the building, and Frankly™, the vibe is quite boring. There is silence, no excitement, and no collaboration.

If MultiView became an environment like that, then I have done a bad job. We reward our employees for a job well done, and always remind them that we appreciate what they do. The employees are the reason why we are so successful, and that is why hiring is one of the most enjoyable parts of my role.”

Don’t just take his word for it. For a first-hand look at what makes MultiView the best place to work, checkout our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Noelle Pittock

Noelle Pittock

Senior Director, Publishing Products

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