Video Retargeting…Go Ahead and Call It Synergy


You’re probably familiar with the idea that certain things combined can produce a greater effect than the sum of their separate parts. It’s the basic concept of the word synergy. However, the term synergy – though reportedly birthed sometime in the 17th century – became such a buzzword in the late ‘90s that it’s commonly considered the posterchild for buzzword overkill. In fact, “synergy” topped Small Business Trends’ list of 30 business buzzwords to stop using immediately.

At risk of violating the unofficial rules of fashionable terms, we’re going to turn back the clock for a moment and employ it here. Because when you combine two of today’s most effective and useful marketing tools – video and retargeting – what you get is pure synergy. So, cite us if you must for digging up skeletons from the buzzword graveyard, but we’re willing to wager that a boost in sales will be well worth the etymological sacrilege.

Part A: Retargeting
Though it’s been around for less than a decade, retargeting (once commonly called remarketing) has become a staple of digital marketing. Even if you aren’t familiar with its technical principles, you’re likely familiar with its practice – which goes something like this:

As a consumer, you shop for a product online, but you don’t buy it. Later on, while browsing the internet, you see display ads promoting that product. Those ads were targeted at you because of your online behavior; because you showed interest in that product. (If you’d like a more detailed visual explanation, check out this infographic).

Just as in consumer advertising, B2B marketers have latched onto retargeting, and with good reason. Business buyers these days behave more like consumers than in the past. They research, shop and buy online. Retargeting has proven its value to marketers.

Part B: Video
The other part of our equation has been a trendy growth vehicle for the internet in recent years. If you spend any amount of time on the internet, you have witnessed the explosion of video content. Again, there’s good reason for that (here are a few to consider). Video is a highly engaging format, and that includes use for advertising. Research has found that more than half of global marketing professionals consider video content to have the best ROI. Furthermore, video advertising has a discernable impact on viewers, with 80% able to recall a video ad they’ve seen in the previous 30 days.

All the merits of video marketing – and there are plenty – are a separate conversation. The focus here should be on what happens when Part A (retargeting) is added to Part B (video).

A + B = $ynergy
Terrible buzzword or not, when you take the dynamic impact of video marketing, and combine it with the accuracy of retargeting, A + B equals a lot more than C. Video retargeting is taking your most effective marketing content and putting it in front of the people who have shown interest in the product or service. Fueling the synergy is that you can tailor your ads around the buyer’s behavior. Based on what content the prospect has already seen, you can serve him the right message at the right time.

For example, if he viewed the landing page of a particular product, you can serve him a video demonstrating that product. Soon after, if he still hasn’t converted, you can serve him a different ad – perhaps this time a video case study or a testimonial of someone solving their business pain points with the very product he was interested in. This personalized video targeting is about as close as you can get to showroom selling without actually standing in front of the buyer.

The more videos you have available, the more options to meet prospective buyers exactly where they are in their decision process – all the while keeping your brand top-of-mind.

Easy Math
Whether or not you choose to describe it with a buzzword, video retargeting takes your remarketing campaigns from effective to emphatic. You aren’t just giving the customer more words to read or showing him the same images he’s already seen. Your video marketing is better; your retargeting is better. One sum, better than its parts. If that’s not synergistic, it’s at least super smart business.

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