#MMCCon Top Trends and Takeaways 


May 19, 2022

As forward thinking, success oriented professionals, we're always striving to do things better. That's why we attend events and seek out top performers in our field in hopes to glean from them and learn from their success. Coming out of ASAE Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference (#MMCCon), here are some of the top trends and takeaways shared by association leaders.

Content Creation Must Click with Members 

For most professional associations, member engagement is key to success. Your most active members will be the most likely to stay with you, take advantage of professional development opportunities, participate in grassroots advocacy, and pay their membership dues. But, in the age of constant distractions and alternatives, how do you maintain that engagement? Member-created content is a good place to start. 

  • Tap into your members’ wealth of knowledge, experiences, stories, and insights to generate content that clicks, or resonates, with members 
  • By leveraging member-created content, your association will boost its thought leadership, authority and credibility within your industry, while maintaining strong relationships with prospective, current, and past members 
  • Tailor your shared content to fit the interests, needs, goals, and challenges to align with those of your membership base to engage members in a whole new way 

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Turn Digital Assets into Competitive Advantages

Associations are many things, but they are seldom content-producing powerhouses. Even organizations that have the capacity to produce extensive content still need to stay on top of important news in the space to maintain a relevant voice in the industry. To ensure your organization is creating content that clicks with members, both personally and professionally, and making the most out of its online presence here are some things to consider: 

  • Repurposing your organization’s preexisting content not only saves you time and money, it also reinforces your messaging in new ways that will help your organization achieve its marketing goals and make your brand more dynamic 
  • Publishing more content, in different formats, can help boost your SEO rankings and organic engagement, as a credible and valuable source for online users 
  • By diversifying your organization’s content formats and distribution channels, you’re also more likely to reach new audiences and potentially peak the interest of prospective members 

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Non-Dues Revenue Generation and Diversification Will Remain a Top Priority

Non-dues revenue (NDR) has long been, and will continue to be, an important ingredient in any association’s financial health, especially in the current economic climate. That’s why it has never been more important to create diverse NDR streams that add value to your members while generating revenue for your association. Some of the most important conversations I had with peers covered: 

  • Surveying, questioning, and connecting with members will be a top priority for association leaders as they begin to diversify NDR streams in 2022 
  • Developing a certification program can increase your association’s non-dues revenue by offering certifications in specialized skills to professionals in your industry and potentially spreading your association’s reach even further. 
  • Leverage your association’s access to exclusive, valuable industry insights from subject-matter experts, and repackage this content into a subscription-based resource library for members to diversity your NDR streams 

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Make Your Brand Stand Out with Storytelling

In today's climate, I’d argue that nothing is more important than the ability to connect, motivate, and lead people organically. Too often, brands get caught up with the success of their product and services and forget that with the right story, marketing, sales, and even customer service, they can create a whole new level of authenticity with current members, while attracting a new audience. Here are some of the key takeaways I learned: 

  • Humanizing your brand both internally and externally is becoming just as important as creating an unforgettable membership experience 
  • If the personality of your company accurately reflects a true set of values and passions, you’ll organically attract an audience whose core ideals align with those of your brand 
  • The world's greatest brands know that telling powerful stories sets them apart in the current digital landscape by inspiring their audience, and effectively building connections in a seemingly disconnected world 

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These takeaways from #MMCcon are just a few of the many that attendees received during the 2-day event. Overarching theme, though, is that the conversations occurring within the industry are a top priority for industry professionals and the need to brainstorm with like-minded colleagues are what makes associations thrive. We had a great time with you this week and look forward to continuing the conversation in August in Nashville!


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