The Ultimate Agility Test: What Your Membership Numbers Are Telling You - Round Table Webinar


A healthy, fit association is indicated by the size of its membership, right? Not necessarily.

Retention rate is a far more accurate test of an association's aptitude, since it captures how effectively they're keeping members engaged. Bringing in new members is important, but if people are leaving faster than they came -- that's a problem.

If you’re committed to member retention and growth, it starts inward. Dig in with your members, get creative, be willing to adapt, and tighten up your communication. In other words, you got to up your game!

You'll Learn:

  • What realistic expectations you should have when it comes to membership retention
  • Why members decide to stay or go
  • What questions to ask your members for critical feedback
  • How to keep members engaged for the long run

Frank Humada VP of Association Partnerships at MultiView


Patrick Haller Senior Director, Membership & Member Services at NBAA


Karen Garrett Chief of Communications, Marketing, and Membership at ASPA


Chad Rummel Executive Director of Council for Exceptional Children

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