Content Clarified:  Understanding How to Capitalize on B2B Content Marketing

Given the modern buying journey, which starts on the internet more than 90% of the
time, it’s no surprise that businesses have shown a dedication to content marketing.
This is especially true for B2B businesses.

With lengthy sales cycles, group buying dynamics and the major stakes involved in each purchase, the B2B buyer wants to be as informed and confident about their decisions as possible. Information is the key to clarity, and providing this information through your content puts your business ahead of the competition.

There are many ways to market your business, but one method can provide brand awareness, credibility, trust, leads and authority. While content marketing isn’t the easiest way to promote your business, it might ultimately be the most impactful.

Content marketing, with its wide array of distribution channels, provides opportunities to influence prospects and buyers along all stages of the customer journey, making it useful for generating awareness, leads and sales. This ebook will help you capitalize the power of content by providing an understanding of what content marketing is, what it can do for you and how to make it work.

What's Inside

  • Discover strategies to use content marketing in the B2B space
  • Learn how to develop a strong content strategy, along with other marketing tactics
  • Learn ways to execute content marketing campaigns from creation, distribution and optimization
  • Gain an understanding of the major challenges in B2B content marketing

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