Winning B2C Strategies Every B2B Marketer Should Be Implementing

Traditionally B2B and B2C marketing are starkly different, separated by dynamics such as buyer personas, price points, and length of the sales cycles. While differences remain, the gap between the two genres is closing.

As it has occurred in most industry verticals, technology has altered traditional business operations. As a result, constant access to digital information has changed how business buyers operate. In many respects, they act more like consumer buyers than ever before. Now B2B marketers have incentive to adapt their playbooks to incorporate what, until now, have been primarily B2C elements. Learn winning B2C strategies every B2B marketer should be implementing.

What's Inside

  • Gain an understanding of the modern B2B decision maker
  • Learn critical components needed to successfully incorporate consumer marketing tactics
  • Discover ways to integrate storytelling and creativity into B2B campaigns
  • Explore creative ways to leverage emerging technologies

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