Build a Precise B2B Audience with MultiView

We know it’s marketing 101 to understand your target audience. But knowing your target audience and actually reaching your target audience can be two very different propositions.

Since the outset of digital marketing, one of the inherent advantages to advertising online was the opportunity to capitalize on data about users to target segments far more precisely than you could through traditional marketing channels like radio, TV, outdoor and print. That’s helpful, no doubt. But what if your audience is super specialized?

For this hypothetical, let’s suppose you manufacture posts for dental implants. Not a big market. In fact, it’s quite niche. So, when thinking about the target audience, even “dentists” is too broad. If you targeted advertising based on dental professionals, you’re still going to suffer a lot of waste in your campaigns because not all dentists actually perform dental implants. It’s only a subset of oral surgeons and periodontists that actually use implant posts. Getting that granular with your targeting can be challenging, expensive or both – unless you know how to access such a granular audience.

MultiView knows how to get that granular, and it starts with our exclusive industry partnerships, such as one with the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), a membership organization comprised of almost every implant dentist across the United States.

From there, MultiView puts its experience, first-party data, and computing power to work to identify and serve the exact niche target audiences needed. The process is explained in this short, 90-second video.

If you need a highly precise audience but have been frustrated by attempts to reach it, take less than two minutes to learn how MultiView can put its resources to work for your specialized business.